India center

A robust network design and redundant bandwidth ensure 24/7 network connectivity for the Bobcares facility in Kochi. For uninterrupted power, Bobcares has invested in UPS’ and backup generators that cover the entire facility. It is currently located on two floors of a complex, exclusively owned by Poornam Info Vision Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Bobcares, that has a net floor area of 65,000 sq ft. The current facilities include:

1. 12,800 sq. ft. developed office facility, owned by Poornam.
2. Located in Kakanad, Cochin the Bandwidth hub of India.
3. 250KVA backup generator ensures 24/7 power. The entire network is backed up by UPS from APC
4. Gigabit LAN network and CAT6 cabling for networking over 200 workstations.
5. Hitachi Chiller air-conditioning systems for 24×7 optimal working environment.
6. 4MBps primary connection and 4MBps backup connection ensures 24/7 Internet connectivity.
7. The facilities and capacity is not shared with other companies.