Poornam interview Process

If you are contemplating a career with Poornam, you would like to know more about our Interview process. This process is very thorough and personal, that provides us an objective evaluation of your skills, experiences and competencies. This is an opportunity for you and us to evaluate each other in depth. What are we looking for? What should you expect? Here is a brief explanation of the interview process:

The selection process consists of 4 rounds, resume screening, written test, tech interview and an HR interview.

Poornam interview questions consist of technical questions and general questions.

Stage 1 :Resume Screening

Your resumes are screened by the HR team. Usually each member of the screening team reviews resumes individually and the resumes are graded as per a set of predetermined criterion. The criterion depends on the position you apply for. We usually contact you on phone or by mail, so that we get you know you better and can make a final decision on whether you get to the next stage or not. In this phase we try to review and assess your credentials, experience and background.

Stage 2: Written Test

If you have been invited over for an interview at Poornam, you know you’ve made the first cut. The written paper consists of aptitude, comprehension, computer aptitude and technical awareness questions followed by an essay. There are 10 questions on aptitude, 10 on Comprehension, 10 on Computer aptitude and 15 on General Tech awareness and a short essay (a general topic). The maximum time for the written test is 1 hour.

Stage 3: Technical Interview

Here, we try to find out whether you will fit in with the rest of the Poornam family. We look for your technical skills, leadership potential, the aptitude for teamwork, exemplary involvement in extra- curricular activities and community achievements.The interview provides you with an opportunity to interact with people working here.

Stage 4: HR Interview

The HR interview is to assess your suitability for employment with Poornam. You will be shortlisted for a talk with our directors. Getting to this stage is tough and it takes a great deal of character to make it this far. This is a very informal session and is the final stage of evaluation for your recruitment to Poornam.