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Technical Support

Poornam selects the best Computer Science, IT and Electronics engineers from engineering colleges around the country. These engineers provide 24/7 technical support services for Webhosts, ISPs and DataCenters around the world. Technical support involves monitoring our customer’s help desk and managing their servers. A majority of our time is spent on server management, which in itself involves a wide variety of tasks. From the installation of the operating system; performance tweaking of web services; to improving server uptime and security; our technical support engineers face exciting new challenges everyday. A majority of our customers run Linux or Windows based servers, however our customers are free to choose the platform of their choice. A number of our clients have servers running on the Cloud, provided by leading Cloud service providers from around the world. There is very little Poornam hasn’t handled!

This allows us to give our employees an ever changing work environment, with the opportunity to implement, test and perfect the latest technologies in the hosting industry. If you have a craving for hands on experience in the latest technologies, Poornam is the place for you.