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Poornam Info Vision

Located at the picturesque coastal city of Cochin, Poornam Info Vision is the engineering powerhouse that ensures uninterrupted 24/7 web services in  over 47,000 internet servers around the world.


Our Brand

Poornam Info Vision was founded in 1999 with the vision of making internet technology accessible to the average business owner. We want SMB web solution providers to not only survive against the competition from big players but to grow and thrive.

Bobcares is the solution to that problem. Under our brand name bobcares, we provide access to world class engineering talent that can build, administer and maintain internet servers of any kind and technology, at a very low cost.

Since 2001, we have built a reputation for high-quality technical services provided to web hosting companies, data centers, ISPs, SaaS providers, cloud hosting providers, and more. Visit to learn more about our service offerings.

Engineering Graduates From Top Tech Schools

Tech support & development

Poornam’s India office does the heavylifting operations in the background for hundreds of web solution providers worldwide. This includes server administration, maintenance, escalated help desk support, live chat support, custom development and more.

This team is formed of Computer Science graduates from the top engineering colleges in India, whose  collective knowledge helps us deliver uncompromising service quality each time, every time.

Built For Security & Stability

Our Facilities

Poornam owns and operates our own secure facilities in Cochin, India and Phoenix, USA. Our Cochin office of 12,800 sq. ft. and Phoenix office of 2,680 sq. ft. are unshared with other businesses.

Secure, Unshared Office

Poornam, the parent company of Bobcares owns the building in which the company operates. This space is not shared with others, helping us ensure fool proof security.

Redundant Power

24/7 businesses cannot afford a downtime. Not even for a minute. That is why we have 250 KWA backup generators, and individual UPS power backups for our 300+ workstations.

Redundant Network

Even the best connected networks can fail. Which is why we have TWO underground Gigabit fiber links and a wireless microwave link in case both fiberlinks fail. That way our customers can always reach us.

Dedicated Data Center

Running a secure operation 24/7 requires a sophisticated network of workstations and supporting services. We achieve that by using a dedicated data center of file servers, mail servers and more.

24 Hour Facilities

To support our 250+ work force of tech geeks 24/7, we have living quarters, 24/7 inhouse kitchen, transportation, and more. It helps us stay focused on the task and nothing else.

At The Helm

Our Management Team

Pulling in over 100 years of tech work experience among them, our management team packs a punch when it comes to expertise in internet technology, support management and online service administration. The “Core” team as they are known, enjoys a personal relationship with each one of our customers and helps them grow their business through constant feedback and management reviews.

Amarjyoti Krishnan

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Sangeetha Naik

Co-Founder and Director

Blessen Cherian

Member, Executive Group

Tobby Davasia

Member, Executive Group

Noble Joshy

Member, Executive Group

Lijoe Antony Chakiath

Member, Executive Group

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India Office

VC Valley Phase II

Kakkanad, Cochin, Kerala 682037

+1 800 383 5193

Phoenix Office

202 East Earll Drive

Suite 410, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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