Lijoe Chakiath

Member of the Executive Team

“As students of engineering, we came to believe that only engineering knowledge and software development were the major criteria for a job in the IT field.

Coming here I have learned of a vast pioneering tertiary industry that requires brains to solve technical problems and needs excellent personal skills to tackle a diverse pool of clients developing personality, patience and technical knowledge. Technical Knowledge, Time management, Pressure handling and Patience are some of the virtues we develop.”

Tobby Davasia

Member of the Executive Team

“The work in Poornam is challenging, and we are prepared for accepting challenges. We have a mentor group to turn to when we feel low, we have technical workshops and seminars where we develop our technical skills.

We have JAM sessions where we enjoy. Sometimes, I feel Poornam is complete by itself which makes us complete. (Poornat Poornam Udyachyate).”

Noble Joshy

Member of the Executive Team

“I sang a song in front of 6 people in Poornam on my b’day 2 years ago. After 2 years I sang the same song in front of 100 people. And that shows how fast we have grown. And more good news is I have grown with the company.

My father used to tell me to join for MBA. However, I believed I didn’t have management skills. I would have lived with it, if I hadn’t joined Poornam. Here the true skills and value of an individual is recognized and applied. And that makes you enjoy your work. That is all good, but what about the rest of my life, the personal side? That is where Poornam is unique, in having a family atmosphere. It’s like an extention of college campus, the only difference is we have our own money.”

Joseph Symon

Sr. Software Engineer

“Poornam gave me a lot of opportunities to improve my skills. Also the seniors provided me proper guidance to achieve each and every goals.”